Perach Halilach - Shlomo Maman

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Translation: Lilac Flower (The)
Dance Type: Partners
Year Created: 1979
Choreographer: Shlomo Maman - View All Dances - View info
Lyricist: Uri Asaf
Composer: Nurit Hirsh
Singer: Chava Alberstein
Video Source: Hora Shalom 1983
Machol Europa 1990 - IFDA Summer 1990
Rokdim 113 - Shlomo Maman 2 (DVD)
Rokdim 246-Chollelu Zemer No.32 - Gadi Bitton/Yaron Meishar Hishtalmut - March 2006 (DVD)
Shlomo Maman No. 1-A&B - Neve Midbar
Shlomo Maman 1999
Yoni Carr "Labour Day Weekend"
Audio Source: CD-Meir Shem Tov - Melbourne 2005
CD-Rokdim 019
CD-Rokdim 246-Chollelu Zemer No.32 - Gadi Bitton/Yaron Meishar Hishtalmut - March 2006
CD-Shlomo Maman - Neve Midbar - Maman 1
CD-Yoni Carr Mini Camp 2002
Audio cassette-Manginot VII
Audio cassette-Manginot VII B
Audio cassette-New Israeli Dances Vol. 1 1991
Audio cassette-Rokdim No. 32
Audio cassette-Rokdim No. 82
Audio cassette-Rokdim No. 109
LP-Carmel-Folkdances of Israel-SMME 100
LP-Shlomo Maman-Israeli Shlomo Maman-Folk Dances-SM 001
LP-Yoav Ashriel-Dances of Yoav Ashriel-Y-114 Blue Star 1980
Dance Notations: Blue Star Dance Notations
Hora Shalom Dance Notations
Recording Center For Folk Dancing No.109 (in Hebrew)
Recording Center For Folk Dancing No.32 (in Hebrew)
Recording Center For Folk Dancing No.82 (in Hebrew)
Comments: Also sung by Arik Einstein, Arik Lavi, Arik Sinai, Hakol Over Chabibi
Melbourne Status: Hora - Inactive
Machol - Inactive
Nirkoda - Inactive
Zooz - Never Taught
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